Upload a New Template

A Template is a master form that guides Captricity in extracting data from your filled-in forms. The document you use as your Template should be a single version of your final filled-in form that is a perfect match to your filled-in forms and ideally blank.

To upload a Template, go to the Templates tab. Click "Upload a new Template."

Next, select and upload the blank original form from your computer. You can either d
rag and drop the file into the dotted box, or you can "Click to Browse" the files on your computer to select the appropriate file. 

Banners_and_Alerts_and_Templates___Captricity 3

If you want to use a multiple files to create a Template, repeat this process until all of the files have been uploaded. When you've uploaded all of the pages of your Template, click Next. 

Templates___Captricity 4

Next, name the template and click OK.


Now, your Template has been uploaded and you'll be brought to the Template definition page. Here is where you can create or import fields to tell Captricity what data to pull and from where. 

To learn more about defining a Template, click here.