Change a Template's Status

Your template's status can be active or draft.  A draft Template is a Template you are still working on or with which you are not ready to run a job yet. An active Template is a Template with which you are ready to run a job. The number of active Templates you can have depends on your subscription, but you can have as many draft Templates as you like. 

Note that if you're using sorting, then Captricity will sort your batches against all active Templates, so be sure that your Templates have the correct status prior to submitting them for sorting. 

From the templates overview page, you can see all the active and draft templates you have. 

Templates___Captricity 2

You can easily change a template's status from active to draft or from draft to active. You can drag and drop a template to change it from active/draft.


You can also change a template's status from the template settings page. Click on the "Settings" button in order to access a template's settings.  

From there, you will have a series of options to manipulate the template. Under the general settings tab, you can choose the appropriate button to change a template's status. Your changes will be saved automatically. 


In order to delete a template: Click the 'x' on top right hand corner of the image of the template.