Editing a Template

If you'd like to edit an existing template (rearrange fields, change formatting, etc.), you'll first need to navigate to the Templates tab in your Captricity account. 

Select the Template you'd like to make changes to:

Click on the "Edit template" button:


You'll then be able to edit and update the fields on the Template as you see fit. 

Please note that if you've processed a job using the template, you'll only be able to make limited updates/changes using Safe Edits. Otherwise, if you need to make major changes you will need to duplicate the template. More information Safe Edits and duplication is below.  

Safe Edits

In Safe Edits mode, you're able to make limited edits to a template that has already been used to process a job without having to duplicate or create an entirely new template. All fields that allow Safe Edits are noted by a yellow "SE" marker, as seen below:

The Safe Edits you can make include:

  1. Re-sizing a field
  2. Moving the location of a field on a template
  3. Re-naming a field
  4. Adding, deleting or editing Special Instructions
  5. Adding editing possible values for multiple choice questions

Duplicating a Template

Safe Edits mode is convenient for making small adjustments, but if you want to make major changes, you will need to duplicate the template or create a new one. To do so, select the "Duplicate Template" button to create a new template for you to edit. 

When complete, select the "Close" button:

You'll then see your updated template back on the Templates tab.

Note: All your fields must have unique names.