Edit a template

To edit an existing Template, click on the Templates tab in your Captricity account

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Click on the template you want to edit


Click "Edit template"


Update the fields as you had when you created the template 


If you've used the template before to process a job, you can make limited edits using Safe Edits, or make unlimited edits by Duplicating the template.

Safe Edits

With Safe Edits, you can make limited edits to a template that has already been used to process a job without having to duplicate or create an entirely new template. All areas that allow Safe Edits are noted by a yellow "SE" marker, as seen below:

The Safe Edits you can make include:

  1. Re-sizing a field
  2. Moving the location of a field on a template
  3. Re-naming a field
  4. Adding, deleting or editing Special Instructions
  5. Adding editing possible values for multiple choice questions

Duplicating a Template

Safe Edits mode is convenient for making small adjustments, but if you want to make major changes, you will need to duplicate the template or create a new one. Press "Duplicate Template" to create a new template for you to edit. 

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When complete, click "Finish"


When you are done, you will see your updated template back on the templates page.


Note: All your fields must have unique names.