Push Data to Salesforce

Captricity's Salesforce Integration is available for users with a Silver, Gold or Enterprise Subscription. To use the Integration:

 On the Job Results page, click “Export Data.” Select Salesforce. (You can also open in a CSV file).

A window will appear asking you to sign up, login, or cancel. Choose which ever applies.


 If you choose, sign up - you will be brought to the SalesForce homepage. Click on the free trial button, and create an account. Then you will repeat steps 1 - 3 and login with your new account (see next step).

If you choose login, a window will appear where you should fill in your SalesForce account information. When you're done click the "Log in" button.

Then you should click allow to enable Captricity to use your information to export your information to SalesForce.

 From there, you will return to the export results screen and be asked what salesforce object you want to map to. Choose whatever one you want to update in your own salesforce account.


From there, you can start mapping where you want your data from Captricity to be sent to Salesforce. You can do this by going through the Salesforce categories you wish to use and choosing the corresponding category from your results. The options on the left are all the salesforce fields related to the object and the options on the right are all the fields run on your job. You can also add more options by clicking more fields. When you are done click save to export.

Fullscreen_6_20_14__3_49_PM 2

Note: Once you've mapped your Salesforce objects and fields, you can export your data to multiple objects. Simply select the checkboxes next to the objects to which you'd like to export.

Please note that all dates exported to Salesforce date fields in the European format (day before month) because of force formatting from Salesforce. If you would like your dates to transform exactly as they are written, please make these fields Text fields in Salesforce or consider using our Date field and formatting tools in Captricity. 

Correcting Salesforce Export Errors

If the data you've tried to export does not meet validation rules for the Salesforce field(s) you've mapped to, then that data will not be exported. You can review, edit, and re-export this data through the Job Results page.