View and Correct Salesforce Export Errors

Sometimes, there are validation errors in your data that prevent it from being exported to Salesforce. Captricity will notify you of the errors so that you can correct them. 

From the job results page, you have two options to view the errors. You can click the "Review" tab to edit them in bulk, or you can click the "Export Errors" box, and the export errors will be highlighted in yellow. 

If you choose to highlight the export errors directly in your results, they will be highlighted in yellow. Click on a yellow cell and edit the data. 

If you choose to use the Review tab to view and correct the errors, click the "Review" button to the right of the Salesforce Export Errors section. 

You will then see all the export errors. Above each error is the reason for the failed export. You can update the rejected value so that it meets the parameters, and then click save. 

Once you have corrected the error(s), you can re-export just the corrected data to Salesforce without re-exporting the rest of the data from your job. Export to Salesforce using the same mapping and by marking the checkbox "Re-Export Resolved Errors Only."

By checking that box, ONLY the rows that contained a remote error that has been fixed will be exported. You can re-export data to Salesforce until all the errors have been corrected. This feature prevents duplications in data exported to Salesforce.

Note: Once you have corrected all the errors in your job and exported the corrections, you will no longer be able to re-export data to Salesforce. 

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