Upload Files from your computer

To upload files, go to the Inbox tab and drag and drop the files in or "click to browse" the files on your computer. Please note that if you're trying to upload many and/or large files at once, it may be quicker and easier for you to use one of our cloud integrations. 

A box to name the batch will appear. Enter a name for the batch, then click “OK."


Then, pick an active template for your batch of forms to be run with. If you don’t see the Template you need, click the link to the Templates Page to create a new one or mark an existing template active.

Inbox___Captricity 3

You will then see a list of files you've selected to upload. Click “OK” to upload forms. You will see the progress of the upload on the left.


When all the documents have finished uploading, you have the option to add more forms by clicking "Add" or completing the batch by clicking "Finish"

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