Upload Files from Dropbox

Captricity enables you to upload files directly from a Dropbox account. Doing so is often much faster than uploading them from your computer, so it is encouraged whenever possible.

Click the Dropbox icon on the Inbox page.


If this is your first time uploading from Dropbox, you will be asked to sign in to your account and complete the next step. In the future, you will be automatically directed to the step 4.


Once you sign in (or if you are already signed in) to Dropbox, you will be asked to allow Captricity to connect with your Dropbox account. Click the blue “Allow” button.


You will see a list of your Dropbox folders. Click on the the correct folder, then click the yellow “Select folder” button.


Check to make sure that the files you wanted were chosen. When you are certain, click Upload.


When the upload is complete, click "Finish" to return back to the Inbox page.