Process A Batch

In order to digitize your data, you will need to match your batch of filled-in forms with a Template.

At the "Inbox" page, upload your batch of forms directly from your computer or through Box or Google Drive.

If you want to add files to an existing Batch, find the desired Batch in your Inbox and click on "More Actions." Choose "Add files to batch," and you'll be brought back to the file uploader.  

When you finish uploading files to your Batch, you will be returned to the Inbox. Scroll down to your Batch and click the button marked "Process this Batch."

Then you will select which Template to use. If you don't see the template you are looking for, click on the link to the "Templates page" to either make an inactive template active or create a new Template
. Otherwise, click the template that matches your form and then click "OK."


Next you will be brought to the Review and Pay page. You can edit the Template and add or remove Batch pages. Once everything is up to your liking, click Submit.


: If you are using the sorting feature of Captricity or if you have a versioned template, your batch will be submitted for processing right after you select "Choose the right template" and "OK." You will not see a review and pay page.