View and Edit Impossibles in Job Results

When reviewing your Job Results, an easy way to find potential problems is to look at the impossibles. Captricity will mark any value impossible if it is illegible (ex. extremely messy handwriting or a scan too dark to read anything) or falls outside the range of allowed values (ex. a field defined with a range of 10-100 has a value of 200 written in). This can be done in 2 ways:

1. Highlighting Impossibles

2. Reviewing Impossibles

Highlighting Impossibles

Go to the jobs page -- and click on the job you want to review

Jobs___Captricity 2

Click on the "Highlight Impossibles" button. This will light up all the fields that were marked impossible.



Reviewing Impossibles

Go to the jobs page -- and click on the job you want to review

Jobs___Captricity 2

Click on the "Review" tab.


Click "View"


Type in the values or choose the correct answers for each field. When done with each field, click "Save"

Example_Job_-_School_Survey___Captricity 4


View Impossibles in a Data Hub

You can also view, edit, and filter for impossibles in each Data Hub. Check the Impossibles box under "Show." Then, from the "For Fields" dropdown, choose the fields for which you'd like to see this data. By default, all the fields are selected.

Once you click apply, the impossibles will be highlighted in the Data Hub. You can view and edit those fields as you'd like by clicking on the individual cell and editing the value.