View and Edit Job Results

On the Jobs Overview page, click on the title of a completed job to access results.



View results

From the Jobs Results Page, you can preview results in a spreadsheet view.


Click on any cell to view the original response field.


Click on a row header in your results to display an image of the entire form. You can see the original template by clicking on "Show template image" at the top. You can also delete the form from the job results by clicking "Exclude row from dataset"

Edit Individual Values 

To edit the results in a specific cell:

Click on the cell you want to edit.


Click the “Edit” button.

Example_Job_-_School_Survey___Captricity 2

Enter the correct value in the text box and click “Save Changes.” The change will be saved within Captricity and in the CSV results file.



Format Full Fields

If you would like to change the formatting of an entire field - standardize the capitalization or replace one value with a different one (e.g. replace "blank" with "0") - you can do that through the Template Settings page. You can get to that page from Browse Results by clicking on "More settings" and then "Template Settings."

From there you can format the fields

Re-Define Fields and Reprocess Data

Let’s say you notice that you made an error or omission when defining a field on your form. Maybe you left out an answer on a multiple choice question or defined a field as “text” when it really should be “number.” It’s easy to make the correction and reprocess data in the corrected field without starting from scratch. Here’s how:

Click on the column heading of the field you’d like to re-run (“homework comments” in the example below).

Click “Edit.”

From there,  edit the field name, type, or add special instructions as needed. Click “Save" when complete.

Click "Review" at the top of the screen to take you back to the review tab.

Example_Job_-_School_Survey___Captricity 2

Then scroll down to the job you're working on and click resubmit changes.


You can also reprocess columns to help Captricity better learn your forms. Simply correct all errors in the column(s) and then edit the column(s). Following the outlined steps to reprocess the column.