View the Data Hub

In the Data page, you can browse all the data you’ve captured with each of your templates by looking at a Data Hub.

View Your Data

Use the search feature to find the template you want. Click on an individual template name or "View data" to see the Data Hub containing all of the data captured from that template.

In each Data Hub, you will see all the data generated from jobs run with that template:

  • You can filter the data by date on the left 
  • If you have more than 25 fields, you will not see all of the columns at a time. You will need to click "Next fields" to view the rest of your columns  
  • If you have more than 30 rows of data you can use the arrows on the right to move through your pages of data, and you can also manually type the page to which you want to jump

Note that individual rows of data appear in your DataHub as soon as they are digitized. As long as you see the banner below, you still have data that is in the process of digitizing. 

Each row corresponds to an original form, and each column corresponds to a field on the template. Click on a cell to see the original form snippet or to edit the value entered.

Click on a row header to display an image of the entire form.  You can see the original template by clicking on "Show template image." You can choose to remove that form from your Data Hub entirely by clicking exclude row from dataset. The excluded forms will go to a Rejected Batch in your Inbox.

If you want to view and edit the field definition of the original template and/or the template's settings, click on "More Actions" in the top right. Select the appropriate option.