Filtering Your Data on the Data Hub

You can choose to filter the data you see in the Data Hub by the date the job was run. Click on “Job finished range” and then select the date range using the calendars. The calendar on the left corresponds to the earliest date for which you want to see data, and the calendar on the right corresponds to the latest date for which you want to see data. Select a date on each calendar to create a range, or you can also type in the specific dates you want. Click apply within that window to save your date changes, and click apply on the right to filter the Data Hub. 


You can also choose to view the “impossibles” and/or “blanks” within your Data Hub for all fields or for specific fields. Check the appropriate boxes under "Show". Then, from the "For Fields" dropdown, choose the fields for which you'd like to see this data. By default, all the fields are selected.

Once you click apply, the specified data will be highlighted in the Data Hub. You can view and edit those fields as you'd like.