Review Your Data

You can review your digitized data on Captricity through both the Jobs and the Data tabs. 

Reviewing data through the Jobs tab will allow you to look at your data one Job at a time. You can access the data you'd like to review on this page by clicking on the corresponding Job title.

This will bring you to the Job results page, where you can look at the results of your processed job on a per field basis. You're also able to export the data as a CSV file or to Salesforce by clicking the link in the top right hand corner of the page. 

Reviewing data through your Data tab will allow you to look at the data processed on a per template basis, and across master and version templates in each Data Hub. You can view and edit fields and repair blank and impossible shreds in bulk. You can also export data for each Data Hub as a CSV.  More information about navigating through the Data Hub can be found here.