Captricity Glossary

Batch: a set of forms uploaded at one time. After uploading a batch, an active template is chosen and a job is run based on the two parts.

Completed forms: the paper documents that contain the information you want digitized (e.g., a stack of handwritten tests); sometimes referred to as "filled-in forms."

Data Hub: all of the results from the jobs processed by a specific template. All of your Data Hubs are located in the Data tab.

Field: each answer or response within your form.

Form: the original document used to collect the information you want digitized (e.g., survey, questionnaire, test).

Images: image files you create of your completed forms. Captricity works by transcribing visual data so all files uploaded to our system must be saved in image-compatible formats (PDF, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG).

Image set: all pages of one completed form. For example, if your form is a three-page test, you will upload each student’s handwritten test as three separate image files. Together these files make one “image set.”

Impossible: values that are unable to be deciphered by our combined workforce of humans and machines. This often occurs due to illegible handwriting or values outside of a defined range.

Job: the processing of a batch or batches with its related template.

Job Results: the spreadsheet of results from an individual job that has been run.

Parent Batch: a batch uploaded to Captricity in order to be sorted against pre-existing templates. 

Possible Value: a potential answer in a multiple choice field. 

Rejected: a subsection resulting from a batch that contains the images that are unable to match to the correct template. 

Sorting: the process in which the images in uploaded parent batches are automatically matched to the correct active template.  

Template: a blank master digital copy of your original form that is created and stored within Captricity. A Template is used to help us process your batch of forms. 

Template Definition: the process of naming and defining parameters for each desired field on a template.

Template Versions: a feature that allows for different variations of the same form to be created as a single Template for processing forms.

Unalignable: images that visually do not match their template.