What kinds of documents work well with Captricity? 

Captricity excels at digitizing documents with handwritten and printed text, multiple choice and yes-no questions. From ongoing surveys to customer feedback to historic records, we can help. What are some examples of what we do best? Surveys, forms, receipts, business cards, invoices – handwritten or typed. If you need your information in a spreadsheet or integrated into a CRM, ERP, analytics, or contact management system, then Captricity is a great solution for you!

Excellent examples of structured forms for Captricity digitization.

Captricity's alignment algorithm uses consistent markers between forms and defined templates to understand how to match pages to each other. Because of this, Captricity may not be the best fit for diary pages, books or newspapers at this time. We're working hard to develop the capability to process unstructured text for the future, and we do currently provide an excellent solution for digitizing more structured forms, such as surveys or tax forms.