What does 'unalignable' mean? 

While looking at your job results, you may see that a row of data is marked as "unalignable." This means that the filled-in form that was uploaded did not match the template, and thus the data could not be processed. Clicking on the file name in the Document column will show you what the original form looked like. 

To process the data from these unalignable forms, you'll need to run a new job with the correct template. This may require creating new template. You can also choose to remove that row from your results altogether by clicking "exclude row from dataset."

Similarly, sometimes filled-in forms that don't match the template will be processed as extremely skewed as in the example below. This skewing of the image occurs as our algorithm attempts to match the form with the template. Since they don't match, the form becomes illegible. To process these different forms, you'll need to run new jobs with new templates that match the forms.