When should I choose “text” or "number" or “multiple choice?”

How you define a field will affect the type of data you get back, as well as its accuracy.


“Text” is for fields with free-text, where either letters only, or a mix of numbers and letters, is filled in.
"Short text" allows under 50 characters, "Medium text" allows under 70 characters and "long text" allows up to 2,000 characters.


“Number” is for answers that include numbers and perhaps certain symbols, but no letters. If the number might have a decimal in it, select "decimal." If it is a whole number, select "whole number." You can also set constraints on the range and select which characters to allow in the answer.

Multiple choice

Use "Multiple-choice" whenever there are a finite number of possible answers. For example, if you are collecting contact information from people in three states, you can mark the State field as a multiple choice field, even if people will be handwriting their state, since there are only three options.“Select-1” is for multiple-choice questions with only one possible answer. “Select-many” is for multiple-choice questions with only multiple possible answers.