Why do I have rejected batches in my inbox? 

A Batch is a set of forms uploaded at one time. Your Inbox contains all of your Batches that have been uploaded to Captricity and have not yet been attached to Templates and submitted as Jobs. If your Captricity subscription includes Sorting & Template Versions, you may occasionally see Batches labeled with "Rejected" and the message "Could not be processed."

Rejected Batches will share a name with the original Batch they came from, with "- Rejected" added to the end (in this example, the rejected files came from the 'Job 1' batch). Rejected Batches are either a portion of, or an entire Batch file that didn't match any of your active Templates or Versions. As such, they could not be processed with the rest of the files in the original Batch. 

You can click on More actions, and then VIEW batch to see the full-size of each batch page that has been rejected. 

To process the rejected batch, you will need to re-upload those files and submit them with the correct template. This may require selecting the correct template in your account, it may require creating an entirely new template. Remember, your batch pages need to match the template exactly. Even slight differences in the batch, numbering of questions, wording of questions, number of rows in a table, require you to create a new template. 

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