How does Captricity deal with multi-page forms?

When you created a Template of your form, you uploaded 'x' number of pages. Based on that number, Captricity knows how many pages it contains. That means that your uploaded completed forms will automatically be organized into sets, with each set representing one completed form. 

If each image file is one page:

If you have PNGs, JPGs, or other files where each file is one page, Captricity will organize the files into image sets for you based on file name (See our Creating and Saving Image Files post for more instructions on how to name image files)

If an image file includes multiple pages:

You can control how Captricity handles your multipage files through the Template Settings page. By default, Captricity will split a multipage file into smaller image sets based on the size of your Template. So, for example, if you uploaded a 40 page file to be processed with a two page Template, Captricity will create twenty two-page image sets for processing.

Captricity can also extract pages from the beginning or end of the file, but only as many pages as match your template. So, for a two page template, Captricity could grab the first two or last two pages of each file uploaded to create the image sets.

To choose how to process your multipage files for a Template, simply select the button that corresponds to how you want Captricity to split the files, and you'll see a little green "saved" message pop up. Remember to choose the splitting option before you process your files.