What if I want each answer for a multiple-choice question in an individual column in my results?

There are two ways to have each answer for a multiple choice question in an individual column. You can use the split into multiple columns tool, or you can define each multiple choice option as a separate field. This article will detail both methods.

Option 1: Split into multiple columns

You can easily format multiple choice questions so that each answer is in an individual column in Captricity. The easiest way to do this is through the template settings page. First, click on the "Settings" button under the template.

Then, click on the "Format Data" tab. Select the multiple choice question you want to split from the drop down menu and click save. You can format as many multiple choice questions as you'd like. You can click "undo" to remove this formatting.

Now, when you look at the results for a job, you will see that each multiple choice answer has its own column. If you want to change the formatting again, you can do so by clicking on the "More Actions" button and then "Template Settings".

Note: In order to edit the value of a multiple choice field that has been split into multiple columns, you will need to unsplit the field. Click on "More Actions" and then "Template Settings" to do this. 

Option 2: Separate fields for each multiple choice response

You can also have each multiple choice option be an individual column by making each possible response a separate field.   Draw a separate box around each answer of the multiple-choice field. Define each resulting field as a select-one data type. The options should be whatever makes sense for you, either 1 and 0, yes and no, etc. Just make sure to use the special instructions to instruct workers which option to choose. So if you enter "0" and "1" as the two possibilities, the instructions might read "ATTENTION: Enter '1' if this answer is selected, and '0' if it is not marked."