I'm having issues with my Salesforce export. Can you help?

Captricity's Salesforce integration allows users to export their data to Salesforce. Sometimes, the export fails because of mapping issues or specific constraints on Salesforce fields. If, after correcting the errors or trying to figure out the issue from your end, you cannot determine why your export failed, we can help you to troubleshoot. We need to see the XML export logs to further investigate the issue. Here are the steps for finding the logs to send to us:

  1. Log in to Salesforce. Click on your profile drop down menu on the right, and click on Setup.  

  2. Click to drop down the section under "Monitoring," then "Bulk Data Load Jobs."


  3. Click on the appropriate job title.   


  4. Now you'll see the information for the job. Click "View Results" at the bottom of the page.


  5. An XML with details on the export will be pulled up. Please save that and send it to us at support@captricity.com 

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