How do I enter data from business cards?

To enter data from business cards, you need a special template. To get this template:

1) Create a captricity account

2) Email support (at) captricity (dot) com and tell us which email address you used to create your account. We'll email you to confirm when the template is in your account and ready to use.

Once the template is in your account, you can use this template either through our web interface.

1) Log in and upload your batch of business cards in the "Inbox". 


2) A box to name the batch will appear. Enter a name for the batch, then click “OK”.


3) Pick the "Business Card Template"


4. Click “OK” to upload forms. You will see the progress of the upload on the left.


5. When it’s complete, you have the option to add more forms by clicking "Add" or completing the batch by clicking "Finish" and return back to the Inbox.


6) Find the Batch you uploaded and click "Process this Batch."


7) Select template and click "OK".


8) You'll have one final chance to review and edit your template (click "Edit Template") or add more forms (click "Update Images"). If everything looks good, click "Submit" to start processing the Job.