Can we code answers in a specific way that doesn't match what is shown on the form?

If the coding is simple, you can provide detail or directions in the “Special Instructions” section. For example, if you have a yes/no answer, where you want "2" for "No" and "1" for "Yes," you would:

  1.  Define the answer as a select-one field.
  2.  Enter "1" and "2" as the two possible answers.
  3.  Add a Special Instruction saying: "ATTENTION: Select '2' if 'No' is marked, and '1' if 'Yes' is marked."

You can also code the data after it has been digitized using the tools on the Template settings page. You can find and replace values, change capitalization, and split multiple choice responses into multiple columns. You can get to the Template settings page through the Templates tab by clicking "settings" under a Template.

Or, you can access Template settings from a Job Results page or a Data Hub by clicking on "More Actions" and then "Template settings."