Webinar: Solving the Government "Paper Jam"

August 12, 2014 by John Kim

From scans, to faxes, handwritten documents, and PDFs -­ local governments are transacting large volumes of critical information through legacy systems like these every day. Learn why next generation data capture systems are increasingly being used by government organizations to effortlessly extract paper-based data, pushing it directly into a centralized cloud-based database to simplify workflows, lower costs, and maximize efficiency. Click here to register.

During this webinar, hear experts from Captricity, one of Granicus¹ featured AppStore partner solutions, demonstrate how their solutions are revolutionizing government workflows by extracting data from traditional mediums and unifying it into an open data portal for better reporting, workflows, compliance, and cost savings.

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Webinar: Solving the Government "Paper Jam"

Date: Thurs., August 14, 2014

Time: 10AM PT/ 11AM MT/12PM CT/1PM ET

Price: Complimentary! 

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