New feature: advanced support for forms with tables

May 11, 2012 by Andrea Spillmann

You need data off your paper forms and entered into a spreadsheet or database. You might try to type it in manually, but that's slow and often expensive (and inaccurate). You may also have tried OCR, but that is notoriously inaccurate and not able to extract data into a spreadsheet format.

Captricity's new Table feature

Captricity has always been good at extracting structured data, but until now, if a form is primarily a table, Captricity's output format did not match the original table format. For example, the results of a signup sheet with 40 rows and 5 columns (e.g. Firstname, Lastname, Phone, Email, Zipcode) was represented as a single row of 200 (40 x 5) columns in Captricity's Job results.

You asked us to change the output format to follow the original table format -- and we listened!

Now, with Captricity's Table feature, the output results will have 5 columns, with each signup sheet taking up 40 rows. For example, sheet one would be in rows 1-40, and sheet two in rows 41-80, and so on (see photo below).

The Table feature also makes it super simple mark up a table form:

  1. Click the Table tab of the Toolbox.
  2. Draw one big box around the whole table
  3. Type in the number of columns and rows, and click resize (see image above)
  4. Name each column.
  5. Run your job and get your results back in table format (see image below)

Fully-entered, digitized data, in the same table format as before

The new Table output form makes it easer to visualize results in Excel or import into a CRM, SQL database, or analytics software.

We think this new feature could be a game-changer for many people who have large tables in forms.  Give it a try to find out!


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