Captricity + Salesforce: Now Even Paper Likes the Cloud

January 10, 2013 by Brian Busch

We recently released Version 2 of our Salesforce Integration. Now it is easier than ever to push digital data from Captricity directly into Salesforce and

What's New?

Here are some of the features we've added to improve this integration (and make it a database  manager's best friend):

  • Custom mapping to any object: You choose which object to push different data to. Examples include: business cards into Leads, order forms to Opportunities, invoices to FinancialForce,  and any other form or scan you have into custom objects and third-party apps.
  • Robust field types: Built-in validation rules ensure that we don't push incorrect data; picklists/ multi-picklists are also supported.
  • Lookups: Referential lookups maintain already-built relationships in Salesforce.
  • Multiple record creation: Two separate Captricity fields can simply create two records in the same Salesforce field.
  • Upsert (coming soon!): Don't risk creating duplicate records! We'll check to see if critical information is already in Salesforce and update, rather than duplicate, existing records.

Why a Salesforce-Captricity Integration?

When two sticky things collide, do they attract or repel?

Take paper.  It's sticky in workflows, in doctors offices, in classrooms, the DMV...  Now take  What started as a SaaS system to help sales managers has blossomed into a huge, robust platform.  The ecosystem of solutions built on and around the platform makes it sticky as well for many businesses (whether you use it or not, it's not going away soon).  But what happens when paper collides with  They repel.

Or to be more precise, someone in an organization gets stuck with the chore of entering that information into Salesforce.  By hand.  It's easy to see why, when we announced our Salesforce integration, we got strong responses.  Imagine saving those hours of manual entry with a few clicks.  In fact, the feedback was that our initial app, Paper-to-Lead, was not enough.  So we dug in and built a much more robust solution, automatically connecting the dots from offline, paper processes to electronic management systems.

Organizations have a range of needs for their data because the processes behind that data are complex.  Now  Captricity has an off-the-shelf integration to meet those diverse needs.

True to Captricity form, all of this integration's complex functionality comes packaged in a visual and easy-to-use interface (see images).  You'll need no programming whatsoever in order to map the data fields in Captricity to your data fields in Salesforce.  And it's free to use  (you still pay a low per-page fee for Captricity's service).

Just as Salesforce is a global platform, the organizations already looking to take advantage of Captricity's new tool span the globe as well.  One is a mid-sized manufacturer or GPS equipment here in the US - using Salesforce to manage all the 3rd party installers who deliver work records via fax.  Another is an award winning social enterprise in Kenya - they work in the slums and there's simply no way other than paper to collect operational data.  Both have the potential to take a full-time employee off of data entry so that he or she can focus on more important things than just typing data into a computer.

Can I Try It?

To get started using the Salesforce integration, download the app (here on the Salesforce AppExchange), and then emails us ( so we can get you set up. It just takes a couple minutes and is completely free.


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