Open Data Hack-a-Thon

October 24, 2012 by Andrea Spillmann

Are you a developer, designer, or community advocate passionate about improving our government through technology? Have a killer idea for leveraging the power of open data to  kick corruption out of California, or improving our education system through a nifty app?

If so, our upcoming hack-a-thon, sponsored in conjunction with Code for America and LearnSprout, is the place for you!  Captricity will be leading the government track, with LearnSprout taking the education track.  Free food and beer for all participants, plus some exciting prizes for the best apps. Check out the details below, and RSVP here.


Nov 2nd 6:30PM - 8PM (mixer/kickoff), Nov. 3rd 9AM - 7PM(hackathon)


Code for America HQ: 155 9th St, San Francisco, CA.


Choose your track  (government or education) and hacker team during the mixer/kickoff on Friday, and spend Saturday hacking away to come up with the best solution. Here's what the two tracks will cover:


We recently launched an Open Data Portal, making important structured, machine-readable data publicly available. The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) (CA’s official watchdog agency) is making the 2011 economic interest filings of some California officials available on this portal. For now, that means a lot of spreadsheets and CSV files free to download. The task for you is to take that structured data and make it more understandable and useable by the general public. Our staff as well as staff from the FPPC will be on hand to help you through the process.


 LearnSprout recently built the first-ever API that allows you to tap into live data from a school or district’s Student Information System (SIS). This opens the door to countless possibilities that would have been impossible before without access to live data. Educators and the LearnSprout staff will be on-hand to help you develop and integrate your app.


Want to join in? Find more information, a complete schedule, and free tickets here. We look forward to seeing you at the hack-a-thon!



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