Non-Profit Data Headaches

April 13, 2012 by Andrea Spillmann

We attended the Nonprofit Technology Conference last week. What incredible work organizations are doing to change lives around the world!  Unfortunately, nearly all struggled with data in one way or another,  including volunteer management, donations processing, and reaching less tech-savvy stakeholders. We want to help!  Below we've brainstormed some ways Captricity can ease the data burden, and would love speak more about others.

Data Integration
Most organizations used up to 6 or 7 of different databases and systems, many of which had similar information, but weren’t interoperable. They often included paper files and stacks of forms and surveys. Why not use Captricity  to digitize all that paper? We would provide one CSV file that could be synched with all databases and systems; no need to enter the data at all, let alone multiple times into multiple places!

Volunteer Management and Donations Processing
Non-profits are unique in their reliance on people outside of their organization, including volunteers and donors. An incredible amount of paper data is required to manage them, from the initial sign-up or membership forms, to even registrations, donation forms, etc. Much of this data is incredibly important and time-sensitive, but entering can be slow and takes staff time away from other important tasks. Captricity can help - send us a photograph or scan of the form you need entered, and we’ll get you data in a few hours. Spend time sending thank you notes and pledge forms, not typing in data.

Reaching Less Tech-Savvy Stakeholders
Retirees and wealthy elderly patrons may be some of nonprofits’ most important stakeholders, but most of them aren’t plugged into social media. The same is often true for target populations of many interventions. With Captricity, organizations can us paper to reach out to all of these constituents, without needing to worry about the amount of data entry they’ll have to do later.

Do you work with a non-profit? Do you think Captricity could help you? Sign up for our beta or contact us to learn more. While Captricity certainly can’t make data collection and management completely pain-free for nonprofits, we’d love to help ease the burden to give organizations  more time (and the data they need) to continue saving the world.

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