New Features: Edit Values and Reprocess Fields

June 28, 2012 by Andrea Spillmann

Re-run specific fields:

Let's say you marked up a box as text. Later you realize it should be number. Or you forgot to specify a choice for multiple-choice questions.

Now you can re-run fields, and for a limited time, you can do it for free!

Just click on the column heading of the field you'd like to re-run, click "Reprocess Data in this Column," and you'll be able to edit the field name and type (see example on right).

Edit transcribed fields

Is some of your handwritten text hard to interpret by anyone but you? Was a letter or two off in the results we returned?

You can now edit the transcribed results on our web interface, alongside your original form images.

Click on the cell you want to change, and then on the "Edit" button below the original text image. You'll be able to enter whatever text you'd like, and the change will be saved on the website and in the accompanying CSV file.


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