Meet the Team: Mary Eannarino

March 25, 2015 by Mary Eannarino

Hi! I'm Mary Eannarino, Office Manager and Executive Assistant at Captricity.

In past lives, I have taught English in Moscow, gone to Mars as the mission commander for the artist Tom Sachs' "Space Program", and worked as a research assistant at Stanford on a project focused on corporate governance.

I was lucky enough to connect with Kuang via AngelList. I read about Captricity's product, mission and values and I felt an instant connection; I am an efficiency fiend and have worked or volunteered with several paper-heavy organizations, most memorably with the admissions department at my college (so many student contact cards!). I love Captricity's strong sense of corporate responsibility and mission to provide this amazing software to, in my opinion, the organizations that could most benefit from it. While I don't get to work directly on our product, I'm proud to be a support to everyone in the company, and I love connecting our team when they're away from their desks by planning weekly lunches and events.

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