Meet Team Captricity: Smith Freeman

April 22, 2015 by sfreeman

Hello - I’m Smith. I recently started at Captricity as an engineer. In May, I graduated and recognized the power of having time. It is an odd and pivotal thing to go from always being a student to not being a student. I wanted to do something useful and helpful with this time. To be frank, I made a series of arbitrary decisions that allowed me the opportunity to choose Captricity intentionally. My senior year I took computer science. I moved to Oakland. I refer to my current house as "home" and it does feel that way. I am not wholly indeliberate. Both proved to be good choices, I think. I had not studied computer science before, so I learned a whole new set of ideas I never imagined existed. And so, to gain useful skills and to continue to learn about this "whole new set of ideas", I attended a coding boot camp. I’d never learned at such high density, and I rode the train each day, which I liked.

Prior to Captricity, I worked as a research assistant in a biology lab focused on cell motility and high-resolution fluorescent microscopy. Before that, I was in college and before I was in college, I was a child. I found Captricity on the internet and had a mild sense of its uniqueness. This mild sense was bolstered to an understanding rather quickly. Captricity is democratizing access to a resource; here, that resource is data. Data is a particularly powerful resource as it is the impetus for allocating other resources. And so, democratizing data access ensures a data environment that is representative and more complete. This representative data environment makes ideas and solutions that are effective and specific to the system they inhabit.

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