Meet Team Captricity: Shubha Guha

February 11, 2015 by Shubha Guha

Hey, Shubha here! I just transitioned from intern to full-time engineer, so my story is proof of what a wonderful place Captricity is to be. Since you have likely read about the company’s positive role in the global community, let me give you an example of the company’s role in its employees’ lives.

I chose Cognitive Science and Linguistics to study in college, avoiding Computer Science classes after experiencing a culture of arrogance during my freshman year. As much as I enjoyed programming and wanted to use my technical skills in building a career, my personal experiences nudged me away from tech and instead I found myself tutoring high school students full time after I graduated. Stumbling upon a group like Captricity was a lucky accident without which I may never have ended up in an engineering role. From before my first day, I have felt welcomed and encouraged to achieve my potential. After my unpleasant experiences in college, I didn’t know that such talented engineers could also be so humble and good-natured! Furthermore, the teams outside of engineering have also adopted me so unquestioningly that I find my sense of team loyalty to be happily conflicted.

Thanks to my lucky stumbling, I am now the point person for Captricity’s engineering work on crowdsourcing. I am excited to be using my self-taught Python programming knowledge and climbing a steep learning curve. It’s a constant thrill to solve dilemmas related to human cognition and to help build something that truly matters.

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