Meet Team Captricity: Sharleen Phillips

December 24, 2014 by Sharleen Phillips


My name is Sharleen, and I help ensure Customer Success here at Captricity. If you’ve reached out to us and didn’t talk to my partner in crime, then you probably chatted with me. I spend my days helping users get the most out of Captricity by responding to questions and creating support articles and videos detailing our sweet features and capabilities. In my free time, I enjoy getting lost in conversation with friends, attempting to cook, and investing too much time in the lives of fictional characters.

After working in the realms of government, education, and nonprofits, I knew I wanted to be part of a small, dedicated team that constantly innovated while remaining connected to its core mission of helping others, and I’ve found that at Captricity. I love working at Captricity because of the people here. Everyone is extremely intelligent and wonderfully supportive, making Captricity a great place to be. Collaboration and idea sharing are important tenets of Captricity, which help all of us to grow and learn.

Plus, the view from our patio isn’t too bad :)


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