Meet Team Captricity: Madhavi Katikaneni

March 11, 2015 by Madhavi Katikaneni

I'm Madhavi, a member of our superstar Customer Success team. The heart of my work consists of helping our customers get the most out of Captricity, answering questions, educating about the capabilities of Captricity and ensuring that they have the best possible experience with our product. As part of the Customer Success team, I also serve as a conduit for user feedback to the rest of our company, letting us further develop a product that addresses our customers' digitizing needs.

What attracted me to Captricity is the company's ethos of technology with a purpose. Captricity helps in the liberation of data from paper, allowing for the easier collection, analysis and understanding of the data that companies and organizations collect. It empowers everyone from the smallest nonprofit to the largest corporation to use the wealth of data now at their fingertips to make decisions and to better understand and help the customers and communities they serve.

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We are hiring passionate, energetic people to help us solve interesting problems with real-world impact. From federal government agencies to hospitals and non-profits, the organizations that use Captricity are doing amazing, important work that helps people and communities far outside the usual reach of Silicon Valley. For more information, visit

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