Meet Team Captricity: Lucas Beeler

May 06, 2015 by Lucas Beeler

Hi! I’m Lucas Beeler. I’m a professional services engineer at Captricity. I joined the company last November and have been caught up in the whirlwind ever since.

For me, there is a boatload of cool things about working at Captricity. I believe in the company’s mission and admire its values. And my co-workers are as interesting as they are intelligent. They’re a well-read and well-traveled lot that always seem to be up to interesting things. All of that said, the most exciting thing for me about working at Captricity is the immense breadth of technologies that I get to work with—and breadth of knowledge that goes along with that.

Being a professional services engineer is a unique role at Captricity. On the one hand, I’m a fully-qualified software engineer. I hold a CSE degree from Michigan and have worked in software product development for almost a decade. I can talk about graph-partitioning algorithms, iterative methodologies, and all manner of dev nerd stuff. But I’m also an ambassador for Captricity and a liaison between the company and its clients. As a professional services engineer, I get parachuted into client sites and build whatever products, scripts, tools, services and business processes are necessary to connect our clients’ existing business systems to Captricity. It’s a lot more than product engineering. It’s learning and listening to the client and coming up with flexible and adaptable solutions. I have to know a lot of technologies and have confidence in myself to pick the right tool for the job. It’s completely different from any traditional engineering role I’ve had, and it’s incredibly exciting.

If you’re a super-smart software engineer, but also care about people—how they think and work and about the business processes that they create—I’d highly recommend considering the professional services engineer role at Captricity. The bar is high, but so is the reward.

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