Meet Team Captricity: Brian Cox

April 01, 2015 by Brian Cox

Hey now! I'm Brian Cox, and I'm Captricity's Director of Industry Sales. I'm leading our efforts to help healthcare, life insurance and other large enterprises to improve their operational processes by leveraging Captricity. We are working hard to bring change to a major aspect of how these enterprises interact with their customers -- paper. Paper-based processes at these large enterprises haven't changed in decades, and efforts to "go digital" or to force customers online have not seen adoption anywhere near 100 percent. With Captricity, we're helping these organizations realize that they can still go digital by embracing their paper processes.

I learned of Captricity from my boss, colleague and good friend Paul Patterson, our VP of Sales. Paul and I have worked together off-and-on for fifteen years; originally I was Paul's customer, and afterward I worked with him and for him at three other software companies. More recently, I spent seven years at IBM where I represented IBM's information management software products: big data, databases, data integration, data security and privacy, and master data. While at IBM, I worked with financial services and insurance companies. It was in this role that I recognized that many critical business processes at these companies still involved paper and handwriting, and these companies needed a way to improve the operational handling of their paper. They also hungered for the untapped business information locked up in these documents, desiring to use the information for analytical purposes to make better business decisions. It was my customers who made me realize that Captricity could make a difference in the business world.

As I got to know Kuang Chen and the team at Captricity, I realized that Captricity was already making a significant difference in the real world. Captricity's dedication to its mission to serve the organizations that serve everyone penetrates to the company's core. It was the team here at Captricity that made me realize that I could make a difference in the world by joining the Captricity team, which I did enthusiastically in mid-2014. In less than a year, I've had the privilege of working with and learning from many of the largest companies in the insurance and healthcare space. Across them all, I hear a common theme: they all have paper-based processes that they would love to improve. We're going to help all of them achieve that goal.

When I'm not leveraging the unique capabilities of Captricity to help these organizations, I'm spending time with my family, or in the outdoors, or with my family outdoors. We enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, and recreational gold prospecting (the picture is from the Dale Mining District in California). My wife and I are both from Western Pennsylvania and are avid Pittsburgh sports fans. I'm especially fond of hockey and play recreationally once or twice a week. I served in the US Navy after going to college on an ROTC scholarship. I was the Navigator on the USS Robert G. Bradley (FFG 49) and made one deployment to the Mediterranean where, as a member of a NATO flotilla, I was fortunate enough to visit the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Colosseum in Rome. I also visited other wonderful sights like the Black Sea countries of Bulgaria and Romania and the Medieval castles of Belgium and France. My family and I currently live in New Jersey.

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