Meet Team Captricity: Brian Busch

December 10, 2014 by Brian Busch

There is no better feeling than helping to solve a really sticky problem for a customer (professionally I mean). Whether it's a Fortune 100 insurance company or a social enterprise startup out of Nairobi, it not only brings me joy but also opens amazing relationships. I've had the chance to work with most of our customers across that spectrum since I joined Captricity in 2012. And it only gets more fun and interesting every day.

When you look at the types of organizations that Captricity serves, those that by mandate or choice serve everyone (not just the early adopters of new tech), I think we offer something transformational -- our friends in Georgia agree. It gets even better when the data we're unlocking for customers helps to save lives and reduce corruption -- see our work with the Food & Drug Administration & Federal Election Commission.  As our Public Sector Lead, I get to focus on the customers who are thinking about a mission: maybe protecting borders, helping families find homes, managing public health programs, or turning public records into open data. That's an added dimension of meaning to my job, and one of my favorite parts about working here.

I studied finance and philosophy at Boston College (two very different majors) and graduated in 2006, a time when it felt like all of the other finance majors were headed straight to Wall Street. Instead I went to work in microfinance and wound up working for a small firm out of Costa Rica for several amazing years. Near the end, I traveled to Haiti five weeks after the 2010 earthquake on a mission with the Inter-American Development Bank. The donor community understood that rebuilding the microfinance sector could in turn help many Haitians rebuild their homes and businesses. The trip was heartbreaking, but demonstrated how powerful enablers, like access to finance, are to people.

At Captricity, we're all about giving people better access to important data. Just like I saw with microfinance, accurate and timely data is an enabler. When it comes to our mission, I'm a believer - when people have access to the data they need, they will make the world a better place. Full stop.

Brian Busch

Public Sector Lead - Team Captricity

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