Meet Team Captricity: Ash Hoover

April 08, 2015 by Ash Hoover

Hello world. My name is Ash, and I’m on the engineering team at Captricity. Programming makes my brain happy. In the past, I’ve contributed to an interactive tech/art piece visualizing data streamed from multiple sensors attached to dancers. I’ve also done some web development for a nonprofit that organizes educational enrichment activities for high school students and I’ve collected and analyzed spectroscopic data to investigate ultrafast energy transfer phenomena in pigment-protein complexes during the first steps of photosynthesis.

I’m here now because I want to build software that helps people in measurable ways. Input: a stack of papers (imagine a stack that would take one human months or years to read through), output: an organized, queryable dataset! Democratizing data access is one of Captricity’s core values and is a key step to empowering individuals and organizations, who collect or store vital information on paper, to make informed decisions in a timely manner. For more details, check out some of these case studies.

I’m glad to work with a team that values knowledge sharing and data-driven decision-making. Whether we’re pair programming, pointing out helpful articles, engaging in an onsite tech talk or going out to local Python, Django, Machine Learning and JavaScript meetups to keep abreast of the latest advances in the technologies we’re using, our team always encourages sharing, learning and collaborating.

Additionally, we’re always considering which metrics to use to evaluate the effectiveness of our new features, and we also take into account measurable costs and benefits when determining which features to prioritize in our product roadmap -- it’s always fair game to say “show me the data” when a new feature or solution to a problem is being proposed. This environment of shared knowledge, friendly teammates and a healthy dose of skepticism helps us to stay aware of how the many moving parts of our systems might interact. Our environment also allows us to be versatile (so we can fix bugs quickly should they come up!) and supports the personal growth of each developer on the team -- a delightful symbiosis.

When I’m away from my computer, I enjoy hiking, biking and playing the ukulele.

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