Meet Team Captricity: Andrea Spillmann-Gajek

December 03, 2014 by Andrea Spillmann

I’m Andrea, and I head up Customer Success at Captricity. Our team loves making sure our community is constantly delighted and getting all they can out of Captricity. Stories of how Captricity is being used around the world, and the great work it’s enabled, absolutely make our day.

I first came on-board when Captricity was Kuang’s PhD dissertation. I was getting my Master of Public Health, focused on technology’s potential to keep people healthy and healthcare systems and programs functioning well, particularly in under-resourced settings. Captricity was one of the most exciting technologies I’d come across, focusing on a core but often ignored problem, and solving it in a really smart way. I was able to work on Captricity through a few classes and my Masters Thesis, took a break to graduate and follow my then-boyfriend, now-husband out to NYC, and was quickly back on board after. It’s been extremely rewarding to see Captricity grow from the few people we had then to the incredible team we have today.

From the start, what I loved about Captricity was its focus on the real, core problems. While the product is groundbreaking in many ways, the focus was never to build cool technology for the sake of it, but rather to address real issues. We’ve helped solve challenges in the federal government and Fortune 100 companies, while enabling impactful work by organizations striving to improve their local and global communities. We recently expanded and continue finding ways to give organizations who most need it access to the valuable data that allows them to truly serve everyone.

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