Meet Team Captricity: AJ Renold

January 14, 2015 by AJ Renold

I first learned about Captricity when I was working in Tanzania and looking at graduate schools. Captricity wasn’t called Captricity at that time (called Shredder in 2011), but it was a really interesting startup that directly related to the work I was doing in Tanzania. I was working in microfinance, one of the many industries that have sprung up to serve the entrepreneurial yet underserved communities, and one of the many industries that generate stacks and stacks of paper files. Learning about the startup and its origins influenced me to consider the School of Information at UC Berkeley for graduate school.

Roughly two years later, I was a second year MIMS Student and I was considering job opportunities when I decided to attend a talk given by Kuang Chen, Captricity’s CEO, about his path from PhD to startup co-founder. I was quite surprised when I listened to his talk and realized that the company he was describing was one of the startups I had read about when I was considering the grad program! Captricity’s mission to drive the world forward by giving everyone fast and easy access to high-quality data resonated with my experience working for socially motivated organizations in microfinance and I decided this was the company where I wanted to work.

Fast forward to today. I am a Captricity Field Engineer, and my job is to be on the front lines of the technical adoption of our product. My tool belt is filled with a solid Python environment, in-house data transformation tools, bleeding-edge unsupervised image clustering algorithms and our core digitization engine. Depending on when you catch me, you might find me conducting a contextual enquiry with potential users in a corporate imaging facility, leading a technical architecture discussion with client stakeholders, or deep in our codebase working on making our product easier to integrate into customer systems.

What I love about my job: I get to interact with customers directly in order to create software that makes our product easier to integrate into existing or new business processes.

You know you’re a Field Engineer when: You’ve re-installed your OS and dev environment on spotty hotel WiFi just to finish coding a feature in time for the end of this week’s sprint.

Why Captricity Rocks: We enable our customers to go digital and move to the cloud, without disrupting paper processes.

At Captricity, we are constantly inspired by the work so many are doing to improve lives around the planet. Visit to find out more about how we help organizations all over the world gain faster and easier access to high-quality data - no matter what form it comes in. 

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