May's New Feature Roundup

May 27, 2015 by Lani Rosenthal

This month we’ve been focused on giving you even better ways to format your data, so your digitized results will display the way you want them to with a minimum of work.  Are you familiar with our Template Settings page?  Just click “settings” beneath any template on your Templates page, and you’ll be taken to a treasure trove of handy tools!

Custom values for “impossibles”

By default, Captricity displays any non-transcribable data as “--impossible--”.  We know that doesn’t fit everyone’s workflow though. So, we've created a way that you can now tell Captricity how to display impossibles for a given template.  Maybe “invalid” or “ERROR” will work better for what you need?  Just go to the settings page for your template, click Format Data on the left, and then set whatever value you’d like in the Impossible Values menu.

Easily format table columns

We’ve also made it even easier to quickly format your data if you have tables on any of your templates.  For any of our formatting options where we ask you to specify which field(s) to apply the formatting to, you can now select an entire table column at once.  We hope this will help you speed through data formatting so you can get down to business and dig into the data itself!

As always, if there are any other features you’d love to see, email us at to let us know!


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