Integra Enhances Efficiency and Protects Privacy with Captricity

July 02, 2013 by Jennifer Cobb

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Integra Partners Uses Captricity to Capture FAX Data and Import Directly into Salesforce

Healthcare is a complex industry with two often conflicting needs – greater efficiency driven by tighter partner integration and enhanced privacy to protect patient data.  Integra Partners, a rapidly-growing network manager, lives at this intersection.  This relatively young and forward-looking company is building operational systems that connect providers of orthotics, prosthetics and medical equipment to health plans and patients, sourcing the best products for patients and making sure they are delivered efficiently.

Integra uses Salesforce as the system of record to manage the three sides of their network – health plans, equipment providers and patients.  Product order and authorizations entered into Salesforce trigger workflows that alert local medical equipment distributors about orders, automating the delivery of products directly to patients.  In addition, Salesforce enables near real-time visibility into order status and patterns within the business that enable the company to be more efficient.  Integra is a case study in the power of data to drive better decisions.


But a significant portion of Integra’s incoming product orders and authorizations are what we call “small data” –efaxes received as PDFs attached to emails.  Prior to Captricity, each PDF was opened by a data entry worker and the pertinent details were entered into Salesforce, a process that took about 5 minutes per order.   That added up fast.  Integra was quickly outgrowing this solution.

VP of Operations David Gershaw started to look for alternatives.  He knew that the company was too small to justify the cost of installing a traditional data capture system.  He wanted something that would scale up to meet their needs and maintain a steady and predictable cost model.  A further wrinkle was that given the large health providers Integra works with, the company can’t enforce a uniform process on their partners; they need to process product orders and authorizations in the form they are sent.

Integra’s Salesforce Account Executive pointed him our way.  Today, when Integra receives product orders and authorizations, they are saved with a code that identifies the health plan they correspond to.  The PDFs are then uploaded to Captricity at the end of each business day and processed overnight.  In the morning the data is reviewed and pushed to Salesforce, automatically creating new records and triggering workflows.  Captricity enables Integra to process as many efaxes per month as they need, when they need it.

The 500+ medical equipment suppliers in Integra’s network now receive their patient orders and authorizations in real time and can get deliveries out the same or next day and confirm delivery.  With the Integra solution, the health plans in the network have end to end insight into their patients’ care and can verify that critical goods such as diabetic supplies, oxygen, wheelchairs and wound care goods are delivered within the specified time period. Captricity expedites the critical data entry step within this sophisticated network.

Captricity’s powerful web-based data extraction platform combines machine learning algorithms and human workers to ensure over 99% accuracy for most data, even handwriting.  The solution’s tight integration with Salesforce and use what you need pricing model was an ideal fit for Integra.  In addition, the system enables Integra to quickly and easily set up multiple templates that match the formats used by the providers submitting orders and authorizations.

But while ease and efficiency were must haves for Integra, they were not sufficient.  The protection of sensitive and personal data is a critical requirement for any company in the healthcare space.  The Integra forms contain sensitive patient information.  They needed to protect that information while maintaining high levels of accuracy in the output.

Captricity is designed to manage sensitive and confidential information and conforms to the privacy guidelines set out by HIPPA and other governing bodies. Captricity is built with state-of-the-art security fully integrated into every step of the data digitization process.  Captricity is growing alongside Integra, enabling them to provide the quality of service and care that is central to their mission.

As Gershaw commented, “We have been experiencing an increased amount of orders received in our customer service department via email and fax.  Our latest file, which is fed directly in Salesforce, had 99.7% recognition rate and 100% accuracy. This is almost unheard of in OCR circles. Beyond accuracy and productivity gains are the staff morale improvement of people who had performed the data entry work previously. Anyone who views data entry as “job security” is wrong. Employees deserve better tasks that are engaging, rewarding, and develop their skills, not limit their scope.”


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