Important notice regarding false credit/debit charges

April 04, 2013 by Kuang Chen

It has come to our attention that someone is defrauding individuals and attaching Captricity’s name to the illegal actions. So far we have been contacted by a just a few people, none of whom has a Captricity account or has ever used our service. Each person has found a small (like $3.90), unauthorized withdrawal from their debit card in Captricity’s name.

Did this happen to you?

If this has happened to you, it is fraud. The charge did not come from us. Somebody else has your bank and/or debit card information. Please contact your bank immediately to report the transaction as fraud and shut down your card. Once you report the fraud to your bank, it would help us a lot it if you contact us as well.

Captricity started as my PhD dissertation, and our whole team has worked hard over the past years to establish our good name. We take this issue personally and very seriously. We reported it to the Federal Trade Commission and the Berkeley Police. We want to know who else has been affected so we can continue to update our report and investigate further. Please email me directly at or call our main office line: (415) 237-3637. We promise a personal and prompt followup.

Current Captricity Users

The fraud occurring did not originate from anywhere or anyone in or relating to Captricity. The individuals affected so far had never heard of us, never used our service, certainly never shared their bank information with us. Their information was stolen from somewhere else. The only thing taken from us has been our name. In other words, there was no breach of Captricity’s security, so there is no cause for concern if you are a current Captricity user or have ever purchased credits from us. Your information is safe.

How did this happen?

After many calls to the Federal Trade Commission, the Berkeley police, and a number of affected banks, we still don’t know exactly where this fraud originated or why Captricity’s name is involved. So far, all we can tell is that someone seemingly randomly selected our name, and decided to attach that name to what have so far been relatively small deductions from bank accounts. We spoke with the victims of this fraud, and we feel for all of them. We worked hard to build a reputation of trust and accountability in our company, and we are beyond upset that our good name is being used for such sinister purposes. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing reports trickle in and not having the information we need to find out who is behind this and stop it from happening to more people.

Please help us get to the bottom of this

As we mentioned earlier, if you’ve been a victim of this fraud, please call your bank immediately. And then, if you would, please give us a call or shoot us a quick email too. We appreciate any information you feel comfortable providing. Every little bit help us investigate what is really going on and prevent more people from being affected. Thank you.


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