Hello World! Announcing the Captricity beta

March 09, 2012 by webmaster

It's been a really exciting 24 hours for us. We unveiled our open beta to the public at the Launch Conference yesterday in San Francisco and were blown away by the overwhelmingly positive reaction.

We're super excited and humbled the judges selected us as winners of the Launch "1.0 Best Technology" award. It was an honor to be able to present alongside so many other really cool startups, and we had many memorable conversations and interactions with fellow entrepreneurs. Many thanks are due to Jason Calcanis for organizing such an awesome event.

It's been a really exciting journey building out the beta, and many thanks are due to the teamand those who've helped us in our journey to this point. Special thanks go out to Akshay Kannan, Jake Abernethy, and Logan Bowers who helped us build out the very first iterations of the service.

We're looking forward to seeing how it can be put to use to solve real-world use cases, and we've got lots of really cool ideas and features lined up — this is just the very beginning of many more release announcements, so stay tuned!


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