Friday Feature: Kuang Chen Talks Data Fluency for Nonprofits via TechCrunch

January 23, 2015 by Madison Jacobs

Check out Kuang's article on TechCrunch today and read about why data access is so important for nonprofits tackling real-world issues.

We believe in democratizing access to data for everyone. Companies like Google shouldn't be the only ones that have timely and fluent access to their data. Here at Captricity, we give nonprofit organizations faster and easier access to high-quality data to help drive the world forward.

Interested in helping us out? We are hiring passionate, energetic people to help us solve interesting problems with real-world impact. From federal government agencies to hospitals and non-profits, the organizations that use Captricity are doing amazing, important work that helps people and communities far outside the usual reach of Silicon Valley. Got to to find out more.

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