Enter Contacts from Paper into Constant Contact - new Captricity-Constant Contact Integration

September 19, 2012 by Andrea Spillmann

From signup sheets to volunteer cards to donation slips, many of your contacts come in on paper forms. Until now, you’ve had to spend valuable staff or volunteer time entering all those. You probably already know that Captricity can help you pull digital data, including contact information from your paper forms. But did you know that now we can also send that data directly into Constant Contact?

About Constant Contact:

Constant Contact offers a suite of online marketing tools, used by more than half a million small businesses, nonprofits and associations worldwide. Some of those tools include email marketing, social media marketing, event marketing, local deals, digital storefronts, and online surveys. Your own email lists power all these tools.

How the integration works:

Captricity can pull contact information you've collected on paper directly into your Constant Contact lists. Run a job as normal through Captricity. When it's finished, click "Export," and select the "Constant Contact" option. Map the fields in your Captricity job to the matching fields in Constant Contact, and your contacts will be ported over.

How can the Constant Contact-Captricity Integration help you?

Snap a mobile phone photo of an order form during a client visit, upload it to Captricity, and your information will be entered and ready to use once you're back to the office. Or scan in months of backlogged customer satisfaction surveys to get your data back and contacts entered within a day.

The features you already know and love in Captricity translate directly into this integration:

  • Faster entry and follow-up: You need to follow-up with your contacts quickly, not spend days entering their data. With turnaround times of under a day--and often under 30 mins—Captricity can help you achieve same-day follow-up with key clients.
  • Accurate even with handwriting: We can handle human marks and handwriting with far higher accuracy than OCR. And you can always check against the original image with one click.
  • Easy to use; no hassles; no software: You determine how much or how little you want to run.

Want to try it yourself? Check out our listing in the Constant Contact MarketPlace or just run your contact forms through Captricity today.

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