Document Processing for Organizations

January 03, 2013 by Andrea Spillmann

Captricity has always offered fast and accurate document processing for individuals within organizations. Now, we're happy to launch new functionality enabling colleagues across an organization to collaborate more easily.

New Features for Organizations:

Do you have multiple people working with the same forms, needing access to the same data? Now they can all share templates, billing, and access to jobs.

  • Create a custom-branded Captricity organizations account, displaying your own logo and organization name
  • Invite multiple users to collaborate, and control user permissions
  • Decide which templates and jobs are shared with collaborators.
  • Centralized billing to organization owner
  • Best yet - Organizations are free to set up and use, for a limited time.

How Can You Use It?

Captricity's core technology already captures digital data quickly from paper forms.


Three consultants for the Bridal Magic Tradeshow survey vendor and client satisfaction. Prior to the show, their manager printed 500 surveys and set up an organization and templates on Captricity. During the show, each consultant snaps photos of surveys as they are completed, immediately uploading through Captricity's mobile app. By evening of the first day, they and their manager sit down, analyze the digital results, and make tweaks to improve the show's remaining two days.

Candidate Jane's campaign team has 150 volunteers armed with walk sheets and pledge forms. After canvassing, they turn in the documents to their team captains.  Instead of spending hours entering each form manually, team captains drop the forms in a scanner and upload to Captricity. The campaign pushes data to their database using Captricity's SalesForce integration, and queues up immediate followup emails and phone calls.


: The fifteen site supervisors at Dave's Construction complete logs, specs, safety inspections and time sheets. The forms are standard; each supervisor prints them out and fills them in on-site. Since the central administrator added all site supervisors to Dave's Construction group on Captricity, they each scan and upload of all their forms directly to Captricity. The central administrator and each supervisor get fully digital data at the end of each day.

Want to Try it Out?

Setting up an organization is simple and free - click on your Account page when logged in to Captricity, and click "Add Collaborators" next to "Organization." This page walks you through setting up an organization (it takes just a couple minutes).

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