Crop signatures and other drawings from paper forms

May 17, 2012 by Andrea Spillmann

Captricity is great for extracting data into spreadsheets, but some forms have a signature or drawing that you'd like to crop out as images. For example, you might want a signature from a consent form or a diagram from a medical record.

Blank dental record
Dental record


Captricity can help! Here's how it could work if, for example, a dentist wants data from her forms as well as the images of the teeth:

  1. She draws a box around each data field and image field on her form
  2. For the image fields, she specifies that it is a "select-one" data type, with a single choice, "There are marks on the diagram".
  3. She uploads scans of her completed patient forms and runs the job as usual.
  4. When the job is completed, she finds each image fields represented as a column in the results page. To see the original image, she clicks the cell (see picture below).
  5. She can then right-click to save that image.


Viewing your images on the View Results Screen

This technique can be used for signatures, images, drawings, or even long passages of free-form text.

Could you use this feature? Try Captricity out now for yourself, or get in touch with us to learn more!


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