Suite of Cloud Integrations Launched

October 15, 2012 by Andrea Spillmann

We recently launched integrations with DropBox and Box, Google Spreadsheets, and Constant Contact. Today we are pleased to announce a series of new cloud integrations with well-known services including Salesforce, Google Drive, and SkyDrive. All integrations are built on Captricity's soon-to-be-released API, and allow Captricity to seamlessly fit into your end-to-end data management solutions.

How do the integrations work?

With Captricity's newly-launched suite of cloud integrations, it's easy to upload filled-in forms from the cloud (SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box, DropBox - see example on right) and then send entered data straight into other popular cloud-based services (Salesforce, Constant Contact). We've already described many of these integrations in detail in previous blog posts, and the newer integrations work much like the existing ones. Just as in our DropBox and Box integrations, our Google Drive an SkyDrive integrations let you easily upload folders from these cloud storage services with one click.

Captricity will pull the files directly from the cloud, ensuring fast and complete uploads regardless of your own internet connection. Once the data is entered, we already described how you can port it over to Constant Contact. Automatically creating leads in Salesforce is just as easy. Download the Captricity app (here, in the Salesforce AppExchange), and all your Captricity jobs will be pulled into Salesforce. Choose which ones you'd like to extract contact details from, map your Captricity fields to your Lead fields (see image on left), and with the click of a button you can create hundreds of leads at once.

How can these integrations be used?

Uploading from the cloud makes collaboration and large uploads much easier. Colleagues across multiple sites can upload forms to one DropBox folder, and one person can quickly add all those documents to one job in Captricity. Slow or crash-prone Internet is no problem, no matter how many hundreds (or hundreds of thousands) of pages you upload; Captricity will pull the files directly from the cloud, not your computer. Survey researchers across multiple sites can all add scans of their questionnaires to one cloud-based folder, from which they can all quickly and easily be run as one job in Captricity. Insurance agents can add application forms to a cloud-based folder throughout the day, wherever they are; critical information will be waiting for them once they’re back to the office, already entered in their CRM.  Contractors can snap a photo of a paper checklist with the Captricity mobile app and automatically update their back-office almost immediately.

How will you use it?


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