Catapult + Captricity: Streamlining Patient Care and Data Management

March 19, 2013 by Andrea Spillmann

30-minutesWe all know we should be getting regular check-ups, but between scheduling a visit, missing work, dealing with insurance (or paying out-of-pocket), it’s too easy to procrastinate to next month, year, decade.  But what if the doctor came to you, at work, and your employer actually encouraged you to take a 30-minute break for a quick visit? As it turns out, this model of work-site preventive health exams is rapidly gaining traction as a win-win for employees and employers.

Catapult Health, a true innovator in this space, currently provides between ten and thirty clinics per week, each on-site in a different location (usually a work-place). In one 30-minute appointment, employees receive a  consultation with a Nurse Practitioner, a panel of basic, potentially life-saving tests, and a full personal health report and action plan to help them improve their health going forward. If they’re at high risk of developing problems down the road, nurses will even follow up to make sure they’re doing well and on track to improvement. Employees love the convenience, efficiency, and accuracy of the results. Employers, meanwhile, understand that their investment in a one-day health clinic will get them healthier employees, less productivity lost to illness, and lower long-term spending on employee health.

population-healthCatapult doesn’t just expect employers to intuitively understand the benefits, though; they prove the ROI. After each visit, Catapult generates detailed reports, including, among other things, an aggregate summary of employees’ health and also a patient satisfaction report. They pride themselves on closing the loop with employers quickly after each visit, and are seeing the demand for their services increase in part because of this careful reporting.

We at Captricity have been happy to help Catapult improve their reporting speed even as they scale up their services. Catapult realized that paper-based patient satisfaction surveys are key to maintaining response rates of over 90%. However, getting data entered from those paper forms was becoming a bottle-neck in their otherwise efficient, digital workflow. Captricity, and our integrations with Box and Salesforce, save them the trouble of data entry while integrating directly into their workflow. How does it work? Thanks to our Box integration, staff at eight regional offices could scan their surveys directly to Box. Just before going home for the day, staff at the central office could instantly pull hundreds of surveys from across all those sites directly from Box into Captricity.  When they come back to work in the morning, the data is entered, and a quick button-click pushes it straight to their Salesforce application for instant reporting. Theoretically, less than 24 hours after a visit, Catapult can close the loop with employers.

Would you like to know more about Catapult or how they can help out your company? Currently they’re operating in Oklahoma and Texas, with plans to expand to more States soon. Learn more about their work here!

Interested in knowing more about how Captricity can help with your paper forms? Try it out now  (for free!) or contact us to learn more!


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